Costume Production

As a member of Motion Picture Costumers, Local 705, in the Women's Custom-Made/Specialty Costumer category, I pattern, build, and alter costumes for television and film. 


Often, these costumes are for people, but my actors have included cats, dogs and puppets.

I crafted many of the costumes for Future Man Season 2. I built the patchwork cape for Wolf along with his standard military style vest and pants that were covered with recycled pockets. We built over one hundred futuristic body suits with solar vests and a fleet of burlap sack smocks. 


I made the Hedgehog, Tammy Turtle, and the Worm for Mascots. I also made a Pokemon style costume for Shaquille O'Neal for the Maroon 5 video, Don't Wanna Know.


I worked on the fourth season of Arrested Development and one of the challenges was re-creating the clothes for Lucille (Jessica Walters) and Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) that they had worn seven years before in the final episode of season three. I built three versions of The Thing costume (with fellow costumer Robyn Simms) which was worn by Tobias Funke (David Cross).


I spent Seasons 3-5 on Switched At Birth fitting and altering costumes for the entire cast.


I have also worked on a number of episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! making costumes for the Halloween episodes and other sketches. I was on the four person crew that made Jimmy's "Suit of the Loom" out of tiny rubberbands.


My theater background is specific to pattern making and historical costumes and I am always excited to work on a period show.



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Hedgehog/ Mascots

Costume patterning and construction. Head sculpt by Jeff Himmel.