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Puppets and Stop-Motion

With Crank Yankers, I began working professionally in the world of puppets. Most often, I make the puppet costumes, which can be a challenge. Puppets have odd body proportions.


I learned puppet building on the job at Crank Yankers and it was a natural fit with my background in pattern making.


My experience as a puppet builder led me into wrangling for the Muppets, which involves preparing puppets for on camera appearances. I will dress and prep characters as needed, rod their hands and rig props.

I can finally reveal that I built costumes for the Skeksi characters in the recent Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It was a fun challenge to re-create the Ritual Master in particular.

Click on the Costume Design tab to see my work on Crank Yankers Season 5.




I also make tiny costumes for stop-motion animation. I apply the same patterning principles as human costumes, but the construction techniques are very different. Due to the tiny scale (I made a sleeve the size of my thumb nail), these costumes have to be engineered with a combination of sewing, glue, tape and other wizardry. Many of the costumes are also rigged with wires or black foil for animation purposes. 

She Kills Monsters

Puppet Design. Cal State LA Gelatinous Cube